Journey into Beauty

Beauty has been apart of my life since I was a young girl. I was always into ┬álearning new things about hair and makeup. My mother inspired me the most when it came to beauty, because she has always been drop dead gorgeous, and could have easily been an Iman model and not just because she wore the brand faithfully. I used to watch her do her makeup in the mirror and wanted to one day do my makeup the same way she did hers; flawless and glowing. She knew how to do it all, makeup, hair, wardrobe, the entire shebang. At the age of 10 I would help her braid her clients hair down and began to teach myself how to do individuals. In my quiet time, I’m learned the craft of servicing clients, my dolls. The better I got at it, I began to start offering my braiding services to fellow classmates after being inspired by one of my best friends, who was making atlas 20k a year braiding hair in the 8th grade. She funded our entire summer, and I helped with braiding. She taught me how to hustle my craft, speak to clients, solicit clients and added more fuel to my foundation. In 2005, after being sick and tired of braids I transitioned to hair extensions “weaves” and I grew an even closer relationship with my hair. I loved the idea of adding human hair to my natural hair, blending it and rocking flowing long tresses. I got more into hair weaves and 5 years late a unforeseen circumstance led me right back where I started, behind the chair. I lost my job and I was down and out for some time, it was the beauty business that granted me an a lucrative avenue of income.